Your wedding is a day youll always remember and choosing the cake for the occasion is one of the most exciting parts of the planning process.

You want everything to look romantic, gorgeous and just perfect. So do I.
Thats why I specialize in helping couples like you achieve the cake look of your dreams.


Im Stacie Kobs and here at Stacies Cake I will ensure your wedding day is filled and surrounded by the most beautiful cake youve ever seen.

All inspired by the unique love you as a couple share and the individual tastes and interests that define your personalities.

I place great importance on getting to know you as people and what youd like to achieve when it comes to a wedding cake. The details you share become a personalized tapestry of information from which the perfect cake design is created.

Whatever your venue, whether a church, hall or garden, my passion for creating your cake means your wedding day will be a visual treat.

As a recommended supplier to many of the event venues, you know with me youll be in safe and professional hands.


My work is all about creating your cake design that reflects your vision for your wedding day. The rapid success of Stacies Cake has depended on it and has also been shaped by the following values I hold dear when working with all my clients.


Every client and wedding is unique. My cake design services are catered to your individual needs and requirements, taking into account personalities, venues, themes, seasons and much, much more. Each and every cake is carefully designed for your perfect look.


All weddings require planning and attention to detail. The cake aspects of your wedding preparations are of course no different. This is where my background in creative design comes in handy. Everything I do is meticulously planned, carried out, triple-checked and arranged on time to the highest of standards.


With every step, from our initial contact all the way through to the wedding day itself, your happiness and peace of mind when it comes to cake will be my priority. This means maintaining clear and friendly communication channels together with respect, honesty and complete transparency.

Ready to arrange a consultation?

From cakes and dessert bars whatever you desire – I’m ready to help you plan the most beautiful wedding using your dreams for your cake.

To get started call me at 405-326-8045 or email me at stacie@staciescake.com